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NEON:  The Northeast Organic Network Farm tour photo gallery

Photos by Meg McGrath and Erica Frenay. Click on images to enlarge.

Stalk roller
Russell Larson Research Center - Stalk roller used to roll rye and make mulch for no-till production.

recycled paper mulch
Russell Larson Research Center - Bales of recycled paper in back of hoop house will be used as mulch.

purple martins
Village Acres - Birds (purple martins) nesting in dried squash houses.

Village Acres
Village Acres - fields, people, and Roy driving tractor

cultivation equipment
Village Acres - cultivation equipment

no-till tomatoes
Village Acres - Tomatoes planted no-till on raised ridges with straw mulch and drip.

Village Acres field
Village Acres - Everyone looking at crop

Village Acres - Everyone looking at asparagus, good weed control; Roy on tractor

high tunnel veggies
Village Acres - Lettuce, pepper, tomato growing in high tunnel with cucumber in suspended troughs next to wall. Note drip tape.

beneficial wasps
Village Acres - Package of beneficial wasps just received

apple orchard
Tait Farm - Group in apple orchard. Note cattle grate in road to keep deer out.

basket weeders
Tait Farm - Cultivating between corn rows with basket weeders.

bottled products
Tait Farm - Kim in packing area with many of her bottled products.

basil + tomatoes
New Leaf Farm - Reemay covering basil + tomatoes. Note nice yellow fruit, healthy canopy, straw + plastic mulch.

solar greenhouse
New Leaf Farm - solar greenhouse

pumpkins and winter squash
New Leaf Farm - pumpkins and winter squashes

New Leaf Farm - brassicas

used cooking oil furnace
Laughing Stock Farm - used cooking oil set-up for greenhouse heat

hoophouse greens and carrots
Laughing Stock Farm - greens and carrots planted in unheated hoophouse

heated greenhouses
Laughing Stock Farm - outside of heated greenhouses

Pull behind seeder
Laughing Stock Farm - Pull behind seeder used in greenhouses.

Sunset at the coast
Sunset at the coast

farm store
Goranson Farm - farm store

diseased tomatoes
Goranson Farm - Wagon tour passing field-grown trellised tomatoes very severely affected by disease (Septoria?) resulting in substantial yield loss.

Reigi I weeder
Goranson Farm - Reigi I weeder

soil quality test
Marianne Sarrantonio demonstrating field test of soil quality

fields of greens
Blue Sky Farm - fields of greens

Mark Hutton
Blue Sky Farm - Extension agent Mark Hutton describing the operation

greens harvester
Blue Sky Farm - greens harvester

lettuce and brassica trials
Highmoor Farm - lettuce and brassica trials with farm "office" in the background

tomatoes inside high tunnel
Highmoor Farm - tomatoes inside high tunnel, note widely-spaced rows selected for disease suppression; straw mulch.

white reflective mulch
Highmoor Farm - reflective (white) mulching between rows of peppers

breeding trial
Highmoor Farm - Mark Hutton in the organic veg. breeding trial
eding trial">
Highmoor Farm - Mark Hutton in the organic veg. breeding trial