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NEON Home Page

NEON:  The Northeast Organic Network

Links to Resources for Organic Farming in the Northeast

Organizations Promoting Organic and Sustainable Farming:

UVM center for sustainable agriculture

Pennsylvania Certified Organic

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)

Organic Farming Research Foundation

Organic Consumers Association

New England Small Farm Institute

Northeast Organic Farming Association - NOFA
State NOFA Organizations:



New Hampshire see interstate council chapters page

New Jersey

New York

Rhode Island


NOFA interstate Council

National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

Cornell University Organic Production Work Team

Canadian Organic Growers

Information Resources for Organic and Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming Connection

Worldwide Portal to Information on Soil Health

Cornell Weed Ecology Organic Weed Management Website

Organic Materials Review Institute

the New Farm: Farmer-to-Farmer Know-How from the Rodale Institute

Biocontrol: a Guide to Natural Enemies in North America

Alternatives to Insecticides for Managing Vegetable Pests: Proceedings of a Farmer/Scientist Conference

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas

Managing Cover Crops Profitably, Online Edition

Canadian Organic Growers Links Page

National Organic Program -- United States Department of Agriculture