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Upper Forty Farm Gallery

Cromwell, Connecticut

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Kathy, Bennett, and Andy Caruso farm 22 acres of organically managed land near the Connecticut River. They sell vegetables and cut flowers to local farmers markets, a small CSA (community supported agriculture), and wholesale accounts with local restaurants. Peppers, snap beans, and heirloom squash are major crops on the farm.

A farm pond and farmhouse frame vegetable fields being tilled for production in the early season.

Winter rye is used to cover the soil and retain soil nutrients during the off season.

Upper Forty farmer Kathy Caruso shows pepper transplants to NEON field staff Erin Amezzane and Chris Cousins.

Hoophouses used for growing of transplants

Brassica transplants ready for transplanting.

Plastic mulch-layer and cultivation equipment are important components of the Upper Forty farm machinery.

Tomatoes early in the season, with grassed walkways between the beds.

Snap bean and basil crops harvested and ready for market.

Kathy Caruso at one of Upper Forty's farmers' market outlets.

On-farm production of compost using as a fertility amendment for soil, using leaves, grass clippings, and manure from the farm's poultry operation.