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Paradise, Pennsylvania

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Chris Petersheim and his dedicated crew manage Paradise Farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Paradise sells to wholesale accounts around the Region.

a view of the farm in spring, with a large variety of early lettuce in the foreground.

NEON Regional Coordinator Bonnie McGee talks with Chris Petersheim about his greenhouse snap beans and summer squash.

Kale plants in midseason have already given several cuttings of greens.

A Tractor and tiller combination used to prepare beds for seeding.

Sticky rollers and a number of other innovative pest management strategies make Paradise farm a success story in organic pest management.

A field corner shows Paradise farm's meticulous management and insertion into the landscape of suburban Pennsylvania.

Beds of Greens crops, with the backdrop of large-scale Amish agriculture.

Slicing tomatoes with pathways of white clover between beds.

A field of winter squash stretches towards neighboring cornfields.