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Durham, Maine

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Located north of Portland, Maine, Dave and Christine Colson at New Leaf Farm produce a variety of vegetable crops including salad mix, winter squash, and brassica crops.

Dave Colson walks the farm with NEON field staff Chris Cousins and Erin Amezzane.

Beds prepared for seeding in front of the main farm area.

This clover green manure following a small grain like wheat forms a short fallow that keeps cover on the soil and contributes fertility.


Tomatoes and basil in hoophouses provide a full variety of crops over a longer period of the Maine season.

A brillion seeder and packer is important in the Colson's rotation, which makes extensive use of cover crops and green manures.

A high-clearance cultivating tractor used in weed management.

A gang of three seeders can be mounted on the tractor to seed crops quickly and with even spacing for effective cultivation.

A row of winter squash early in the season

The Colson's on-farm composting area.

Winter Squash harvest curing in the greenhouse late in the season.

a bag of salad mixed greens ready for market.